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0 Comments | Jun 15, 2010

AAMA Summer Conference 2010

It seems that “green” movements sometimes get carried away. There are too many committees, subcommittees, and organizations ready-at-hand to lobby for less expensive energy efficient windows and doors, promote campaigns that call for purchase of these products, and innovation in manufacturing new, more energy efficient windows and doors. What gets done when the web of delegation grows so complex that even the delegates don’t know what they are doing any longer? The answer is: very little.

AAMA Window Companies So, it would seem that these committees are started to respond to this reality, and the first sign was at the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Summer Conference this past week. So, manufacturers of home improvement products including windows, doors, patio doors, patio rooms, and sun rooms got together and discussed the industry. One major development, once put in place, will be an internet-accessible set of regulatory tools to help manufacturers of the AAMA keep up-to-date with federal and state regulations regarding windows, doors, and the federal energy tax credit.

Certainly, this is a good development in that manufacturers will now always be on top of updates in energy efficiency standards and minimums, so that the consumer will not have to be as wary in making a window purchase. Some manufacturers, generally the larger ones, are always ready to offer products that qualify for energy efficiency minimums (if a tax credit is to be in the near future) even before new standards are even set. Smaller, more local manufacturers, however, may not be so up-to-date in the energy efficiency race. This means that although their prices might be comparable to and competitive with other manufacturers’, they may be 1) not nearly as energy efficient, and 2) not qualified to reap in the the benefit of the tax credit.

This movement for manufacturers to band together in assuring a standard that is providing customers with the best window product possible is a great thing for the industry. There will be no shortcuts taken, because the AAMA works to create positive competition among the manufacturers under its umbrella. If a company were to cut some corners in providing a less than acceptable product, the AAMA would not grant its certification. This is another way for a proud window manufacturer to show that their replacement window and new construction window products are the most energy efficient and possibly the most well-built around.