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0 Comments | Jun 04, 2010

Accurate Tax Credit Information

What the IRS says

1.The tax credit is a compensation on the purchase of product only, installation, services, and other fees are not included.
2.The amount awarded is 30 percent of this above purchase. However, the maximum amount available for credit is $1,500. That is, if you pay $5,000 for a set of replacement windows for your renovation, you get $1,500. If you pay $10,000 for your replacement windows, you get $1,500. If you pay $2,000 for windows, skylights, doors, or whatever other home envelopment product, you’ll get $600 in tax credit.
3. The replacement windows you purchase must meet the NFRC guidelines which are currently: SHGC of .30 and a U-value of .30, as well. If these are not met with your replacement window purchase, you are not eligible for the tax credit. ENERGY STAR certification does not mean that the replacement windows will be eligible for the Tax Credit. Always look/ask for the SHGC and the U-value .
4. You must print out and send in the manufacturer’s certification of their list of available products that are eligible. This usually has a pre-signed signature of an operations or brand manager. We have provided you with the list of most major replacement window manufacturers and the links to the exact page you need, which have the documents and sets of directions.
5.You must have receipt of purchase available and intact.

Bottom line

Do your research, and don’t be rushed into a purchase until you have all necessary documents in order. It would be helpful to have an idea of which windows you plan on buying and proactively getting everything you need all ready.

List of Tax Credit Sites

Andersen Windows
Champion Windows
Gorell Windows
Jeld-Wen Windows
Marvin Windows
Milgard Windows
Pella Windows
Serious Windows

Don’t hesitate to let us know via the Contact Us page if you plan to purchase replacement windows from a company not listed above!