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0 Comments | Jun 21, 2010

EPA Announces Lead Paint Rule Policy

EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule

EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule

WASHINGTON, DC – The Environmental Protection Agency released a memorandum on June 18th, Friday of last week, to provide supplemental guidance for the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP Rule). Recently, this new rule introduced a rule that requires all contractors planning to do renovations and replacement work on residential and commercial properties to obtain special certification. This necessitates training, which will cost every contractor who partakes time and money. In theory, their prices will rise considerably because of these overhead costs and the extra work required to take care of any lead paint in or on homes.

This memorandum outlines the dates by which certain things must be accomplished. They admitted in the report that there had been concern about the accessibility of courses culminating in the newly required certification, and this had ensued since the RRP Rule’s inception on April 22nd. So, the EPA saw that the best solution would be to grant more time, and this time the deadlines are definite. The first notable point is that the EPA will not take any enforcement action until October 1, 2010. So, renovations and replacements on homes and other buildings can proceed as before, but not for much longer before a penalty rains down on the transgressing contractor.

The next important thing for replacement window and new construction window contractors planning to do installs this fall is that if one has enrolled in or at least applied to a certification program before September 20, 2010, there will be no enforcement by the EPA. However, any renovation done after October 1st with no accompanying application to a certification program will be due for penalty. Talk of this penalty has been generally that it will be several thousand dollars. The final date is December 31, 2010, the final day of the year. This is the absolute deadline that a contractor must have completed certification courses by. This is an important date for contractors who install doors, patiorooms, replacement windows, etc.

Some contractors believe that this lead “problem” is not a problem at all, and are in uproar about the whole ordeal. Some, however, have hopped into training courses offered by EPA already and have begun getting more jobs than ever before due to consumer complacency, some discussion boards on replacement windows on the web say. This behavior seems to be the exception to the rule, though, or at least for now.

The EPA realized that a “disturbing” number of America’s children have been and still are being poisoned by lead-based paint in or on their homes. This has and can lead to learning and behavioral disorders, the EPA says in their newly released memorandum. Information on the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule courses is available on the EPA website. They say that more than 15,000 have been offered and as a result, over 300,000 people have received certification.

Window & Door Magazine Online has an article on the negative impact of the RRP Rule.