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0 Comments | Jun 07, 2010

Interview with Brian Zimmerman, President & COO of Gorell

Gorell Windows President Brian ZimmermanContact made to various Public Relations contacts, Managers, and Executives of some big name window manufacturers was initiated a short time ago in hopes of collecting some information directly from the source. Companies contacted include, but are not limited to: Pella, Andersen, Gorell, Champion, Marvin, and Milgard.

The first to respond was Gorell Enterprises President and COO, Brian Zimmerman. This man knows the window industry and of course Gorell like few others. He has been at Gorell for twelve years now, and just this past January received the honor of becoming the President of the respected window manufacturer. He says of his experience at Gorell, “I feel lucky to work for a company that passionately seeks to serve their customers’ every needs, while operating with integrity and honesty.”

We asked him a few questions and here is that exchange:

ReplacementWindows: What significant steps have you taken in order to ensure that the end result of Gorell’s manufacturing process is one of the most energy efficient windows on the market?

Brian Zimmerman: Making some of the most energy-efficient windows in the industry has been the bedrock of our success.  We’ve continually strived to make our windows more energy efficient, in the most affordable methods possible. There are some windows on the market that have really impressive performance numbers, but the products aren’t affordable to the vast majority of consumers.  A window only saves energy if a consumer can afford to have it installed in their home.  Gorell incorporates Lean-manufacturing techniques in our work-flow along with continuous investment in automation in order to keep costs to the consumer as low as possible.

RW: How much contact is there in your relationship with ENERGY STAR, having received many awards from them?

BZ: We have been an Energy Star partner since 1999 and have had the privilege of receiving awards for the last seven years.  Throughout those years, we’ve worked closely with Energy Star in the promotion of the program and participated in various discussions about raising the bar for performance criteria of Energy Star rated products.

RW: High prices of energy efficient windows sometimes deter people from buying any at all. If you had the time to contact every potential customer and have a few words with them, what would you say to endorse Gorell in such a way that the customer could see no other sensible alternative than to but your product?

Gorell WindowsBZ: While some consumers may feel that new windows are too expensive, others realize that they can start saving money by replacing their old windows.  Each homeowner is unique and has their own needs.  Energy efficiency is generally the top priority for today’s consumer, but Gorell replacement windows offer so much more – ease of operation, security, hurricane protection, curb-appeal, sound reduction, UV protection for flooring and furniture, low-maintenance finish, etc.  That is why Gorell offers hundreds of combinations of window styles and glass choices. Our mission isn’t to sell you a window.  Our mission to help address your needs.  We don’t try to force-feed a specific product on the consumer.  We want to understand the needs of the consumer and then provide them with solutions to their problems.  Once a homeowner takes the time to learn about what windows can offer them and their lifestyle, they easily see the value.

RW: As energy efficiency becomes more and more desired in creating new windows, doors, patio rooms, etc., how does a company such as Gorell work to prevent the price of the newly improved windows from rising so high as to increase the amount of people who feel it’s just not worth it to buy such a window? Are manufacturing processes ever looked at closely from time to time when a change is made to reduce cost of production? Is that even entirely possible/feasible with the production of windows

BZ: We understand that purchasers of windows have a wide variety of financial situations – especially today.  For this reason, we offer a wide variety of price points in our products – all without compromising quality. We offer seven different levels of high-performance glass systems to accommodate consumers needs – including four different performance levels of triple glass.  Regardless of which performance level is right for you, we want to make it as affordable as possible.  Our Engineers have designed our product lines to maximize energy efficiency and product performance, along with the ability to efficiently and consistently manufacture them. Additionally, our manufacturing team is trained in Lean-manufacturing techniques that keep them continually improving our processes for quality and efficiency.  This allows us to make energy-efficiency very affordable to the consumer.