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0 Comments | Jun 16, 2010

Interview with Greg Irving, VP at Soft-Lite, Part II

This is the second part of our Question & Answer segment with Greg Irving, VP of Sales and Marketing.

RW: What is your opinion of the emergence of the Franchise Model of selling replacement windows, and what does it mean in terms of the change in prices and the way windows travel from the factory to the customer (including everything in between)?

GI: Soft-Lite prides itself in offering industry leading business development, marketing support, sales aids, training, collaterals, and technical assistance equivalent to or exceeding the franchise model agenda.

Soft-Lite’s depth and expansive offering in product platforms, marketing programs, financial planning, personalized training and management support eclipse the structured business models of the franchise concept.

RW: What is your thought on the outlook of the replacement window industry over the course of this next year? That said, what does this prediction mean for the window industry, and home improvement industry, as a whole?

GI: Soft-Lite has benefited from business model improvement stated above and government sponsored programs this past year. Our prediction is that 2011 will support revenue lift in the 15% + range. We are waiting for final release of information on the Home Star Program, from the Department of Energy.

RW: In your experience, what makes one window product stand out from another, and how does Soft-Lite react to this? Is it usually better to price another average window competitively with other offers out there, or is there a stress on R&D with the thought that creating a new window product that offers innovation to the table in some way is a better use of capital?

GI: Due to the government focus on energy conservation in the home and stimulus act energy tax credits Soft-Lite is responding with window and door products featuring high performance characteristics.

Soft-Lite is responding to this message by manufacturing high performance window “Systems” that contain energy conserving characteristics such as high R-value, low U-value glazing systems, low air infiltration rates, attractive design pressures, and AAMA Gold Label test certification.

Soft-Lite has always focused on investing capital in production equipment that supports operational excellence that allows Soft-Lite to manufacture high performance products at value prices to the consumer.

Soft-Lite is recognized as an industry leader with innovative design concepts and adopting the latest technological advancements in product evolution.

RW: How has your professional career changed (improved, grown, etc) at Soft-Lite, and how long has it been since you joined the Soft-Lite team?

GI: Roy Anderson, Soft-Lite CEO & owner, brought me into the Soft-Lite family as the custodian of Soft-Lite’s sales & marketing arena. My skill set, more than 30 years experience in the window and door industry, focuses on business development through modification and improvement of growth strategies and business model change.

Soft-Lite’s leadership team has designed a formula for success through operational excellence, high quality, outstanding customer service and the hard work of our associates.

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With this leadership at Soft-Lite and the commitment to staying ahead of the curve and developing high-quality products that make sense to the consumer looking to purchase replacement windows for the home, it looks like Soft-Lite will be a window company to watch for in the upcoming years, with developments in energy efficiency standards and the rising bar of manufacturing processes that turn out the best window product.