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0 Comments | Jun 02, 2010

Milgard Replacement Windows Slash Energy Costs

LAS VEGAS, NV – Milgard Windows & Doors partnered up with Green Builder Magazine just this past spring to work alongside the U.S. Department of Energy to display the best of the newest energy efficiency opportunities available in the remodeling industry today. A house was subsequently constructed to showcase these developments and opportunities called “ReVISION” located in Las Vegas. All of the replacement windows and doors in the 1963 Las Vegas house are Milgard’s new triple glazed fiberglass Ultra® Series line of replacement windows and doors. This is the fifth house demonstrating the top available products on the market for remodeling.

Milgard Windows

Marvin Windows Speaks

Scott Morgan, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Milgard added about the remodeling of the home with Milgard products that, “The old glazing was replaced with Milgard’s triple-glazed fiberglass Ultra Series allowed the design team to keep as much of the original window area as possible while dramatically improving energy performance,” and  he continued, “The total remodel improved the home’s energy performance enough to make it a Net-Zero energy home by the U.S. Department of Energy’s EnergySmart Home Scale.” This scale is the rating set to determine success in the Builder’s Challenge, which promotes technical pathways and partnerships to achieve net-zero energy homes for all Americans. Further, the goal is to develop low cost solutions that reduce energy use in each house by at least 40%. This case study of the Las Vegas home featuring the proven successful Milgard triple-glazing fiberglass replacement windows shows just how much effort Milgard has poured into making the most energy efficient replacement window product in the window industry.

Energy Star Program Benefits

Overall, the U.S. Department of Energy has shown that as many as 80 million U.S. homes are estimated to be under-insulated because of under-performing windows, doors, and home insulation according the the DOE standards. This figure is roughly 60% of all U.S. houses. This stresses the need for replacement windows such as the high-achieving Milgard triple-glazing replacement window as part of their Ultra Series window line.

With these Milgard replacement windows, style and curb appeal are never sacrificed for this energy efficiency. This particular triple-glazing window maximizes intake of energy from the sun and soundly minimizes heat transfer out of homes. These technologies are the dual SunCoat Low E glass and dual EdgeGuardMAX spacers, which offer the best U-value and solar heat gain value available. Finally, these triple-glazing replacement windows are available on the fiberglass Ultra Series (as in the remodeled home in Las Vegas pioneered by Milgard Windows and Green Builder Magazine), WoodClad Series, fiberglass Ultra Series, and the Tuscany series replacement window lines. Most importantly, all these options meet the newest 2010 Energy Tax Stimulus qualifications and offer a full lifetime warranty including any glass breakage.