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0 Comments | Jun 07, 2010

NFRC Members

NFRC - National Fenestration Ratings CouncilThe National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is now an instrumental and necessary resource when planning to purchase replacement windows for your residential or commercial renovation. It is the sole entity delivering the most precise ratings, and for this reason, it is the only instrument by which the Department of Energy division ENERGY STAR chooses which replacement window products are eligible for the Federal Energy Tax Credit.

There are two categories of possible relationships a company can have with the NFRC. The first is a certificate that the NFRC issues to say that the recipient has allowed the NFRC to test and rate the windows, doors, and skylights according to the guidelines of the NFRC. The second category is NFRC membership. This means that the company has signed up to become a member, paying dues as such, and can then have a say in how and when the ratings are determined. The most important criterium is that the company must be committed to manufacturing replacement windows and new construction windows of all shapes and sizes that are increasingly more energy efficient.

We thought a list of the members of the NFRC would be a decent resource to glance at when considering a purchase, maybe acting as a seal of integrity when a company is listed.

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