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0 Comments | Jun 04, 2010

Serious Materials to Update Empire State Building

Serious Windows updates Empire State BuildingNEW YORK, NY – Johnson Controls, a global industry leader in providing services and solutions, has selected Serious Materials to super-insulate over 6,000 windows for the Empire State Building’s new energy efficiency initiative. The specific contract is that Serious Materials will provide its SeriousGlass technology through its successful production process that will directly cut energy costs in the building by over 400,000 per year.

Serious Materials’ pioneer production process will use the existing glass on all the windows and combine them with their system to create things called Super-Insulating Glass Units (IGUs). ┬áThen, the IGUs will be re-installed and thermal performance will duly increase by almost four times the original performance. The windows in the Empire State Building now are rated at, on average, R2, and in comparison, the new IGUs will offer values between R5 and R8. Solar Heat Gain can be expected to be reduced by 50 percent compared to the original windows.

The manufacturing process will be done in a 5,000 square foot onsite space in which the production line will be located. There will be 6,514 double -hung windows taken down, taken apart, cleaned, and processed according to Serious Materials’ replacement and renovation plan. Also, new spacers, coated film, and glass fill will be added in addition to the existing double-hung glass windows. All this will be done during the evening hours of each day as to avoid disturbing tenants and occupants. Serious Materials’ QuietRock soundproof drywall will be another measure to prevent disturbing any neighboring tenants during construction.

Anthony Malkin, of the Empire State Building company that owns the building, seems pleased with the prospect of the completion of the job. He has been promised a return on his investment in just 3 years, which is incredible. Among the qualities that won Serious Materials the job in lieu of other competitive manufacturers were the company’s expertise and ingenuity, as stated by Malkin.