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0 Comments | Jun 03, 2010

Simonton Offers Big Tax Benefits for 2011

PARKERSBURG, W. VA – Homeowners seeking energy efficient windows will be pleased to know that Simonton Windows has established a partnership with H&R Block that will allow anyone who purchases 12 or more Simonton replacement windows, from select lines that are eligible for the Federal Energy Tax Credit under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, to receive up to $1500 in tax credit. For those of you who already have some Accountant or institution prepare your taxes, now there is no need to look any further than H&R Block; for those of you who prepare taxes yourselves, the average cost of having your taxes done for you is $187 so with the $1500 Federal Energy Tax Credit, you still save a boatload.

There is always some speculation as to whether or not it is worth it to switch out most or all the windows in a building or house for replacement windows, especially when the preexisting ones are in fine shape. From our estimations, after Simonton Windowsall that’s said and done, the whole replacement window project and H&R Block tax service agreement will cost anywhere between $3800-$4300. Then, you can count on getting $1500 right back in taxes as part of the Federal Energy Tax Credit. Now, this is a lot of money, but the greatest savings you’ll receive is not from the Energy Tax Credit, but from the reduction in energy costs. You won’t pay as much for heating and cooling in the winters and summers, and on average, you’ll get a return on your investment in less than a decade. After this time, you’ll just be saving money that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to save if you had kept you windows before. This Simonton replacement window deal with H&R Block seems like a safe investment.

One catch that is common in deals like this is that when you “save” it’s only if you buy the most expensive product that is ridiculously priced, but Simonton’s ETC Glass package offers a wide variety of replacement windows and doors that are eligible for this new deal out of the partnership with H&R Block. Every window with the ETC Glass package qualifies for the newest and strictest ENERGY STAR guidelines and are rated to meet a U-factor of .30 or less and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .30 or less according to the National Fenestration Rating Council’s system. These above ratings are those that the U.S. government requires in order that a tax credit is available.

Just a couple last things to consider. First, the time frame for this offer from Simonton windows and H&R Block started on the 1st of this past February and ends the last day of this year 2010 on December 31. You can check out the partnership site for more information as well. Secondly, we’ve gone through the cost/benefit analysis of this deal, but there’s even one further benefit which is the fact that Simonton replacement windows were ranked #1 for quality in 1998, 2002, 2007, and 2009 by Brand Use Studies sponsored by Builder Magazine. On top of this, Simonton has ranked “Highest in Builder and Remodeler Satisfaction among Residential Window and Patio Door Manufacturers” in the J.D. Power and Associates 2009, 2008 and 2006 Satisfaction Studies looking at all companies dealing with residential patio doors and replacement windows and new construction windows.