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0 Comments | Jun 11, 2010

Soft-Lite presents the Elements Window

As we’ve said before, there are a lot of different window options out there: some seem “ridiculously” priced, and others not so much, but the bottom line is that everyone would give up every other aspect of the window they planned on purchasing before giving up quality. This is the most important aspect of a replacement window purchase because it’s how much value the windows bring to the house compared to the price tag, however lofty.

Well, Soft-Lite’s Elements window line seems like the answer to striking a balance between cost and quality. Quality seems to always have at least the slightest edge over cost, and in this vain, Soft-Lite offers the consumer the Elements Window. This is not the most expensive product on the market, and its certainly up there with being the highest quality. Soft-Lite, for years now, has been dedicated to streamlining their manufacturing and distributing process. First, the Elements windows are born to the factory in Streetsboro, OH of one of the most efficient manufacturing processes in the world. With all the automated robot parts and machines that aid in the whole ordeal, this factory is of the top three most energy efficient and technologically advanced in the world, and the other two are in Germany.

Just this fact demonstrates something about Soft-Lite’s borderline obsession with the pursuit of the perfect manufacturing process in order to reduct overhead and ultimately offer the consumer with an affordable, but amazing window. This is the Elements Window, the “ultimate combination of art, engineering and performance”.

Soft-Lite Elements Window KryptonAs Soft-Lite promises, there will be custom colors available to customers buying windows. Professionals and contractors will be able to choose among any color to match a newly constructed home, as well, and so there is no limitation in this sense. Also, there are plenty of options as far as the overall look and structure of the window is concerned. Soft-Lite offers to the consumer: energy efficient glass options (as low as a .16 U-value!), solid color options, interior wood grain finishes, exterior coating finishes, exterior foil laminates, between-the-glass mini blinds, decorative grid options, decorative grid patterns, and UV fade protection (this is a concern for those purchasing vinyl replacement windows).

With the cooperation and generosity of Soft-Lite, we have Elements brochures and more information available to you. Check this stuff out, because Soft-Lite windows should definitely be on any consumer’s short list when a window purchase is being considered.

Elements Window Solar Ultimate Energy Efficient GlassThe Making of the Elements Window

Elements Window Energy Efficiency Score Card

Elements Window NFRC Label

Elements Window Color Options

Elements Window Air Filtration