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0 Comments | Jun 14, 2010

Windows Volume Purchase Program

Pella WindowsJust recently, the Pella Pressroom announced that Pella has been selected as one of the fifty manufacturers of replacement windows that will be participating in the Department of Energy’s new Window Volume Purchase Program. This is a new incentive that may be appealing for those of you who are planning on doing a full replacement of all the windows currently in place in your homes.

The idea, of course, is that the more windows purchased, the greater the discount. This is a move to slash the prices of highly energy efficient replacement windows and window products. Consumers have certainly not been lacking in motivation to criticize window companies for making the price points so high on the windows that qualify for the Energy Star Federal Energy Tax Credit. It does tend to be the case that windows qualifying for the tax credit are quite expensive, but this recent program launched by the Department of Energy is a sign that they are committed to making these aforementioned windows affordable.

This program is directed toward R-5 and low-E storm windows, and as on Builder’s Online, this is aimed at small builders who would have otherwise found that these specifications were too costly for new construction and replacement projects. The minimum will be an R-value of 3. It should be noted that to replace R-3 windows with R-5 windows could reduce heat loss by as much as 40 percent which would mean huge savings in energy costs annually.

Energy Star Windows ProgramAlong with Pella, as mentioned earlier, another 49 window manufacturers’ proposals for providing window packages eligible for this program were accepted. This program is now available and can be researched further at this link: Windows Volume Purchase Program.

A further note on this program is that the minimum amount of windows purchased necessary for the new DOE program is 15 for replacement windows and 20 for new construction windows. However, this varies based on the offerings of each manufacturer offering products that the DOE has deemed eligible for this promotional volume purchase program.

We’ve put up the Energy Savings Calculator offered on the site as well which could be a helpful tool to show how much you could actually save in annual energy costs (sometimes staggering) by participating in this new windows volume purchase program.

UPDATE: Gorell Windows & Doors just issued a press release this week announcing that the Gorell Windows website has expanded to include a page dedicated to just the Windows Volume Program. Check out the Windows Volume Purchase Program webpage at Gorell Windows now.