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0 Comments | Jul 15, 2010

Interview with Daniel Wolt of Zen Windows

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing the President & Founder of Zen Windows, Dan Wolt. Although it may be a short piece, his answers really show what kind of window company Zen Windows is. The approach, as we have found out, is definitely unlike any other window company or window manufacturer out there. There is no rush, no race to compete in toward producing the “most energy efficient” window or anything like that.

The main tenet of the business model is to keep the customer informed throughout the entire project, from start to finish, and to produce installations with the most care and the highest quality and remodeling projects that ensure future business loyalty.

We saw an interview in a recent issue of Replacement Contractor, and wanted to see what Zen Windows had to offer the window industry, realizing that giving business to Zen Windows as opposed to other window companies will ultimately reap in peace-of-mind and satisfaction with the finished product of the home renovation project. The answers do seem to point to the “zen” mentality, that without added friction, everything works out; Dan Wolt seems to be applying this philosophy to the business world successfully.

Now, here is the interview with Dan Wolt, the President & Founder of Zen Windows:

How long has Zen Windows been in business, and what was your impetus for starting the company?

Zen Windows™ has been in operations since 1998. The impetus for starting this company was to take an industry that was mediocre at best and create a revolution to do something that has never been done before in the world of remodeling.

What kind of market share of new construction and/or replacement windows are you looking to capture, or are you riding on immediate demand for the time being?

Immediate demand-although I make a point to my clients that Zen Windows™ is not going anywhere, so when they are ready, I will be here for them.

How does the way you do business differ from other window companies as far as pricing and leads are concerned?

All of my clients come to me through referrals, SEO organic searches or networking. My clients are my family, and my pricing coincided with that.

Why, in your estimation, haven’t the other companies adopted the low-pressure, high-service model that you hold close to your business philosophy?

They will one day wake up and realize that change is constant.

What is your concept of the perfect balance between the ever-important energy efficiency of a window and its cost?

Invest in the very best-always. That way you will never be disappointed.

Do you feel that your business model points toward the arrival at the ability to manufacture such a product, or is your concern not in this sort of race to make the most energy efficient window?

I offer anything and everything-there is no race.

What is the buying process like with Zen Windows, from the initial contact to the completion of the project? What steps are taken to ensure the consumer is always satisfied throughout the whole ordeal?

From when I make the initial contact with a client, they will be experience my 30 point touch system that keeps them in the loop on everything that is happening in their world of Zen Windows™.

Check out the Zen Windows website for all the information you’d like to know about the company and the high quality replacement windows it has to offer.