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The NFRC members page provides a rough guideline of companies committed to providing green window products that, more often than not, qualify for the tax credit for energy efficient home improvement products. Also, you can check out these sites that provide more insight into the replacement window industry and the companies that are the forerunners of the energy efficiency movement:

– Information about replacement window fenestration and all other information on replacement window products for the consumer

– General news about tax credits and tax rebates for replacement window retrofitting

– The Department of Energy’s initiative, Energy Star, promotes the production and installation of energy efficient home improvement products

– The National Fenestration Rating COuncil, or the NFRC, offers a comprehensively informative website

– New Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 and the tax rebate levels

If you have been looking for information about windows that is not immediately available on our site, contact us and we’ll promptly post it up.