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Gorell Windows is a successful window manufacturer based in Pennsylvania. It is a fairly new company, too, considering that the son of the founder, Wayne Gorell, is expanding his company from the seat of Chairman. Also, because management played their cards right, Gorell did not appear to falter at all during this most recent recession. In fact, as we’ve mentioned in an article here, Gorell has since expanded to Colorado, and expanded employment opportunities for residents of Indiana County, PA, where the headquarters is. Gorell offers a good amount of varying window products so that any price point is available for any consumer. With Gorell, the consumer can have access to some of the most energy efficient windows without breaking the bank.

Founded: 1947

Upper Management: Wayne Gorell, Chairman and CEO; Brian Zimmerman, President and COO; Tyson Schwartz, Vice President

Headquarters: Indiana, PA

Window Lines: 3000, 5000, 5100, 5300, 5111, 5121, 7000, 7100

Articles and Posts: Gorell Offers New Jobs, Interview with President of Gorell Brian Zimmerman, Gorell VP Tyson Schwartz explains Energy Star