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Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors has been in business for a half century. The window company began as a small millwork plant in Oregon with a mere 15 employees. This small size and scope of business and manufacturing allowed the company to foster a tradition of dedicated and certainly diligent craftsmanship applied to all windows and doors made. The company still operates out of Oregon, but now represents a comglomerate of window and door manufacturers, distributors, glass manufacturers, resort & hospitality companies, and even more. Their span has uniquely gone beyond the window and door industry and has allowed for unprecedented international expansion. This aspect of the Jeld-Wen business is key because 1) their business is protected from possible plummeting of window demand and 2) if the window industry is poor, other industries Jeld-Wen is involved in will hedge the loss in the window manufacturing and distributing sector, so the products made in that sector will not become less affordable as they would if business was tied solely in the window and door market. In this way, perennial Jeld-Wen customers can be assured that prices should never exceed a price that wouldn’t be unattractive to a consumer looking to but replacement windows, new construction windows, or doors.

Founded: 1960

Upper Management: Roderick Wendt, President & CEO; Brent Kap, CFO; Doug Kintzinger, CFO; Barry Homrighaus, COO

Headquarters: Klamath Falls, OR

Window Lines: Custom, Premium, Builders, Window Master (window materials offered are wood clad, vinyl, and aluminum)

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