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Compared to other well-known window companies, Milgard is quite a young window company having only started making windows in 1962. The company had been around before, though, making primarily glass, then doors, then aluminum windows and doors. This momentum served as the springboard Milgard jumped from and into the future of window product manufacturing. The first revolutionary step was manufacturing vinyl windows, which was seen as the future of window manufacturing: they were cheaper to make and appeased the customer with the guarantee of no rotting and other wear exhibited by wood windows. Then, the Wood Clad Windows came out, which helped develop business, growth of a customer base, and modifications to the manufacturing process.

Founded: 1962 (“Milgard” brand attached to windows in 1988)

Upper Management: Jim Sweeney, President & CEO

Headquarters: Tacoma, WA

Window Lines: Essence (wood window line that is forthcoming), Tuscany, Montecito, Style Line, Ultra, WoodClad, Aluminum, and Quiet Line (perfect for urban locations)

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